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Thanks to a lot of help from John Prentice I was able to replace the centerboard on Pineapple Express (SR31 #105).
I posted some photos in an album, and shared with the Searunner group.

This was a pretty standard board, built mostly to plans, but a little thin and without the split hose padding — the original builder made the boat’s centerboard trunk narrower than plans, so the old board was always a tight fit.

3 sheets 3/8″ marine grade okume plywood
2 gallons system three silver tip epoxy
36 feet x 50″ fiberlay 3.6 oz cloth
2″ pvc tubing
3/4″ pvc tubing with caps

  • How we did it
    Laminated 3x 3/8″ Marine plywood
    Laid grid with pencil
    Drew shape with pencil
    Cut shape
    Made foil jig from thick plywood
    Draw contours with grid
    Cut guide grooves with skill saw and foil jig
    Shaved edges down with power plane
    Sanded fair
    Indented around pivot point
    Filled low spots with thickened epoxy
    Laid first layer of 3.6 oz cloth dry
    Lapped over 2″ on leading edge, kept trailing edge loose
    Laid 2nd layer of cloth wet
    Painted on cover coat
    Flip and repeat
    Fair the trailing edge with thick epoxy
    Thickener coat 12 oz with silica
    2x thin gloss coats 6oz each
    Bevel trailing edge 10° to one side to prevent oscillation
    Sand, wash weigh (98lbs) and cure 3 days



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Full Falls at Tumwater

Tumwater Falls was full from recent rains when we visited the other day. 

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