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Holiday Music at Pioneer

Pioneer Elementary does an annual performance for parents around the (unidentified, non-denominational) holidays. Here are two truly stunning performances by the second grade class that I’m sure you’ll treasure…. especially the star in the middle of the back row.

The Penguin Polka

Here is the same piece in a different format:



Frosty the Snowman

Alternate format: FrostyTheSnowman


Former Ferry


As someone who rode out 2 hurricanes, one with a 10 ft tidal surge, on a 33 ft. former ferry boat where the engine had to be kept at half throttle in forward just to keep the mooring from dragging, some “duds” are devoutly to be wished for.    

Love   Dad

The Spindrift was the former Bustin’s Island ferry before Dad bought it, removed about a third of the sitting area and built a flying bridge and forward cabin. This harrowing exploit took place in the Royal River just off of Alec Twombly’s boat yard.  It wasn’t called a marina in those days.  Joe and I alternated duty. The river was running so swiftly that we had to use an outhaul arrangement to get back and forth to the Spindrift.  Fortunately Dad had filled the fuel tank (must have been 50 or more gallons) before the storm. Good thing as the gas pumps on shore were flooded over.  I ought to see what Joe remembers of this. It was in the fall of 1956 I think because Jamie was in the Marine Corps.  

 Love   Dad

Comin’ on to blow

We’re expecting some weather out here in the NW this weekend, and I thought I’d post a “we’re ok” message now.

Media reports were forecasting 30-40 mph winds last night but we didn’t see them in Olympia. We’ve got power and the boat is fine. They are forecasting 60 mph winds for Saturday evening – remnants of a pacific cyclone. We’ll see what develops.

If you’re curious, here is the weather station at our marina – the one I’ll be watching off and on tomorrow:

I love open data – it’s the antidote to hype.

Here’s the station closest to our house – it’s about 15 blocks away

And here’s one near Katy & John’s place in Seattle