Epoxy Weather

SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA           Glueing in backstop for cockpit locker

Thought I would spend the weekend sailing, but actually, what I really value bachelor weekends for is epoxy. It’s bad for kids, need hot weather to cure properly, and holds my boat together.

So this weekend I glued in a new stop plate for the cockpit locker, reamed out a bit of rot around the anchor hatch, and patched up a dime-sized chunk taken out of the port ama bow by a passing Bayliner.

The System3 Rotfix was, as usual, way too drippy.  Smiths CPES is clearly better for rot and for sealing. System 3 with silica and wood filler held off long enough to work well on the bow patch. But system 3’s caulking gun tube didn’t do so well for the cockpit locker – wasn’t fully set on schedule and came loose when clamps removed.  West system 610 looks better for the caulk gun.


I also pulled out the forward window, and was pleased to find no rot or issues underneath. Now I’ll have to have a replacement made with 2″ of extra all around, and bend it to a 2″ camber over the length of the window.