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Boat Check – Mother’s Day


Recent rainy weather with over 1/2″ rain on multiple days
Forward cabin 75° | 50% | port cubby wet, bilges wet
Fuel smell below decks disappeared with ventilation
Electrical 14.5 dropped to 13.5 street running fans for 15mins solar only
Aft cabin 62° | 48% | both cubbies wet all windows bone dry

Boat Check

Pineapple is back at her old spot on the end of the dock. Engine started and ran great. Port fwd cubby wet, otherwise ok. Chcked old/new dodger frame (craigslist, $250) and it will fit fine with a 4″ bend at the braces. Fenders look awful. Probably time to replace them.

Evening Sail

After a day of intermittent rain, skies cleared around 3:00 pm, in time for us to take a lovely short sail from Boston Harbor. On board were Tom Iovanne, Emily, Will, Henry and Julia. after backing out of the slip on a fwd leading spring from starboard ama, dropped lines and motored out to find some wind. Raised genoa and main in light airs, sailed toward Hunters point. Breeze freshened around 5:00 as we sailed toward Dana passage. Tacked, sailed back across to Eld Inlet entrance in SW wind freshening to around 9 kts. Tacked again, sailed in to mooring field. Lowered genoa and motor, then main. Motored in. All secure around 6:15. Setting up to try the mule for the next run.

Boat Check


Forward 70° | 59%
Aft 52° | 72%
14.2 volts on solar alone
Wet cubby aft port. Some water in forward head bilge
Rainbows observed by crew while playing cards and listening to Frozen theme.

Cover off, first sail


Fwd Cabin 60 degrees, 50% humidity, dry bilges and cubby
Aft Cabin 50 degrees, 60% humidity, dry bilges and cubby
Electrical system 14V on solar alone
With help from Henry, removed winter cover.
Opened the boat and went home for lunch.
Returned with Scott Richards at 2:00 for first sail of the season.
Backed out of slip with starboard spring, motored through mooring field, raised main and genoa. Tried to sail NW but winds under 1 kt. Lowered genoa and motored to Hope Island nun. Turned and found a fair southerly breeze ~7kts. Raised Genoa and sailed about 2/3 of the way home, whereupon wind went patchy. Lowered sail, motored in to marina. Scott caught a cleat from the port Ama, which helped us turn fair into the slip. All secure 4:30. On walk up to marina store noticed breeze had picked up. Estimate the cocktail breeze is starting around 4:00 pm.

Boat Check


Forward cabin 70° | 55% port cubby quite wet 1l or so drained
Aft cabin 55° | 70% dry cubbies
First dietary dry day after days of heavy rain.
Installed power for iHome radio, tested Bluetooth ok.
New owner walking the docks. Pressure washing evident on dock.
Hung starboard bow net with New England ropes dyneema. Looks awkward.

Boat Check


Forward cabin 50 degrees, 68 percent humidity 100ml in port cubby, starboard dry.
Battery 13v solar only
Head bilge dry, washroom 1l
Aft cabin cubbies dry, 48 degrees, 55 percent humidity
Installed overhead light in washroom
Mounted clock to bulkhead
Extended shore power and began charging batteries.

Boat Check


Aft cabin 44 degrees, 75% humidity. Aft cubbies dry. Drops evident around aft hatch to galley stove. Forward cabin 45 /88%, wet cubbies and bilges. Drops around forward hatch.
Heavy rain ongoing and forecast all day with building winds.

Boat Check

Forward cabin 44 degrees 75% humidity. Aft 38 degrees 65%. Port at cubby damp.bilges dry. Battery 13v from solar alone. Prep work for washroom light, refilled oil lamps. Emptied snow from cover. Met Kevin and Cam.